spa services

Due to Covid-19 we are temporarily not offering any services that require removing your facial mask,
included in that list are facials, upper lip waxing and Dermaplane. 
Thank you for your understanding, stay healthy.

Sognatore Spa Services


SkinCeuticals Facial
A SkinCeuticals Facial will promote skin health – not trends.
60 minutes – $85 and up.

SkinCeuticals Mini Facial
Introduce your skin to “SkinCeuticals Mini Facial” an exfoliating, masking and revitalizing facial giving you a healthy, glowing disposition.
30 minutes – $45 and up.

SkinCeuticals Chemical Peel
$100 and up.

SkinCeuticals Hydrophilic Mask
+ $25 can be added to any Facial.

Body and Facial Waxing
(Facial Waxing is done with soft wax. Body Waxing is done with hard wax. Prices are determined upon consultation.)

Arms $35 +
Half Leg $45 +
Full Leg $95 +
Back $50 +
Bikini Line $40 +
Eyebrows / Lip $25 +
Eyebrow Tweeze $26 +
DermaPlane $65 +

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